What is YouthMAX? Join Us, Help young people become the transformational leaders of Africa

What is YouthMAXWhat is YouthMAX?

YouthMAX is a global leadership initiative facilitated by Members of the John Maxwell Team with the goal of providing today’s young people (ages 13-19) practical tools and skills to help them navigate life through a series of four programs:

  • Developing a Positive Self Image *Each participant must participate in this program first.
  • Learning to Fail Forward to Success.
  • Stand Up & Be Counted (Stop Bullying).
  • Developing Strong Personal Character.

In Senegal, each of the four programs consist of a weekly sessions, will be run consecutively over (8) weeks, and designed to accommodate 10 – 20 youth participating at one time providing personal development for the youth that will:

  • Increase confidence, allowing them to better perform in school and life.
  • Increase soft skills, helping them better prepare for post-secondary education or the workforce.
  • Increase communication skills with adults, setting them apart from their peers.
  • Increase ability to develop critical thinking and collaboration skills.
  • Include tools and other materials for participants to keep, further enhancing their experience and growth.

In Senegal (West Africa), Ecole Internationale des Affaires teaches it for free for young people while being open to young west African. Due to economic and social particularities of French speaking countries in Africa, we have made some adjustments. Thus, this a very open opportunity. We can together go further if you help. Why hot being a sponsor because you want to help young people in Senegal and Africa be good transformational leaders.

Why Sponsor?

Business Reasons can be a motive

  • An opportunity to build stronger relationships with your local community through investment in local youth.
  • Inclusion of 1-2 pieces of company literature highlighting your company during the first week of YouthMAX.
  • Co-branding by inclusion of your logo and contact info on YouthMAX material each week of your program.
  • Be part of the solution creating future employees, instead of frustrated about lack of quality workforce.
  • Exclusive sponsorship of an one to 8-week YouthMAX program.

Heart Reasons:

  •  The positive impact on your emotional well-being knowing you’ll be contributing to youth locally.
  • Providing a positive opportunity and hope for the future to local youth.
  • • An opportunity to have a big impact on yourself and your business, without the big impact on your wallet.

Youth Organization Partners (so far):

• Ecole Internationale des Affaires.
• Monitoring Africa.
• Cabinet Management et Gestion des Ressources Humaines. Cabinet MGRH.

Be the next sponsor.

Investment Options: (pick 1 of 2 below)

  •  Your Organization sponsors one full week YouthMAX program.
  • You participate in Mastermind Group to build your own team.
  • Do you have another proposal????



An Independent Certified Coach, Teacher & Speaker with The John Maxwell Team
Abdou Karim GUEYE | gueyekarim@hotmail.com  . http://www.africamonitoring.com – +221771822988.

Leadership pour Jeunes. Cette année, John Maxwell Team entend former 500 000 jeunes à travers le monde grâce à son réseau mondial de Coaches, Formateurs et Conférenciers certifiés…

GYI_logo.pngJohn Maxwell Team Global Youth Initiative To Serve 500,000 International Event Held In Dakar/SENEGAL by The Certified Coach Speaker and Trainer Abdou Karim GUEYE, ember of John Maxwell Team partnering with Ecole Internationale des Affaires, Cabinet MGRH et Monitoring Africa.


DAKAR— Half a million-young people will be served this coming April through The John Maxwell Team Global Youth Initiative. The series of events is being held worldwide Monday, April 24 through Sunday, April 30, 2017 in large cities and small villages internationally and here in Senegal.

The John Maxwell Team Global Youth Initiative is an international movement comprising hundreds of free community events with topics ranging from leadership development, to anti-bullying, self esteem and more to help the youth in communities around the world thrive.

Here in Dakar, Senegal, The Certified Teacher, Coach and Speaker, Abdou Karim GUEYE, will host free sessions in Leadership development and themes as (1) Stand Up and Be Counted, (2) Learning To Fail Forward Success (Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Fail), (3) Your Self Image Matters, (4) Personal Character, (5)The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership…

“Through The John Maxwell Team Global Youth Initiative, You have the chance to influence tomorrow’s leaders today,” said Abdou Karim GUEYE, a Certified John Maxwell Team Member. He added also that “With John Maxwell, I’ve learned that leadership develops daily, not in a day. Our goal is to spark an intentional and lifelong leadership interest in today’s youth.”

As Certified members as Abdou Karim take to their communities to make a difference, events will be happening all around the world! Be sure to contact us for these free sessions for your children, young people from 18 to 30 about the event happening in Dakar, SENEGAL.

Please send your children, invite you people to register. It’s free.

Abdou Karim GUEYE, Certified John Maxwell Team Member, Coach, Teacher and Speaker, Dakar, SENEGAL